Four SEO Tricks To Promote Your Portfolio Website

It doesn’t matter which industry you come from but having a nice portfolio is not enough to get noticed on the web. So you need to be stand out from other millions of people that are serving in same industry. But how would you do that if you’re not making any different move from them?

Try these tricks mentioned underneath and get your portfolio on top over others.

Go For Specific Traffic Over Global Audience:

Everyone’s looking for a certain service over the internet or in real world. But not everyone’s looking for the same kind of service. So you need to make few changes here in your strategies.

Everyone loves your work and visit your portfolio website often well this will not work in your favor. So you need to work for those specific people who actually approach you for their orders or task.

Open Google, and search for the same service you’re providing. You’ll get an idea by first 5 blogs offering same service. See what sort of approach they’re using for content creation and capturing customers.

And do the same when you sit down to create your portfolio.

Do Guest Posting On Authority Blogs:

You’re good at it that you know only or maybe your social circle but how would you grab attention of other when no one knows about you? A very useful part of SEO is to do guest blogging on authority sites in your industry that allow guest posts, Gareth is a prime example of this at Gareth’s site:

The first reason to do this is these people/entities have a huge audience already in your specific industry. And you get a chance to show off your skills in your particular niche/service. This way, you can attract people that are stranger to you and invite them over to your website to see your work.

Another reason for guest blogging is simple that you get passive traffic to your blog from authority blogs/websites.

Blog Wisely And Increase Your Reach:

Are you’re utilizing your blog in your favor or just putting content telling people about your holiday trips, parties or your personal life? Well you need to write content about your services and how can you serve the community in best way.

If you don’t have ideas then open Google, and type the term that is relevant to your service.

On your search page, you may see relevant searches to your search term. Well you may use them as your next topic in your next blog post.

Offer Something Free To Community:

A very useful trick of promoting your portfolio is to offer some freebies kind of stuff. I mean, everyone loves to get something valuable and free. If you’re a designer, illustrator or developer then you may offer PSD files, templates or so. And you’re in some other industry then giving a valuable advice from your own experience is equal to giving something free. This way, you may build contacts with people in same industry and increase your popularity and chances of getting more business.